About Us

We don't get paid until you get paid.

So many firms promise new business but require you to pay upfront; often burning their clients' money on ineffective ads and other expenses.

That's not us—we're different.

We plan, fund, and manage sales finder campaigns to help our client partners bring in immediate cash flow.

Our processes, systems, and people run the whole thing.

We accept all the risks.

Because we fund and manage our campaigns, there is no financial risk to you.

We can only make this offer because we select client partners that are a good fit.

We are investing our time, energy, and funds into you.

You only pay for what works!


Bill Eisenhauer

Chief Boffo

Our Chief Boffo combines 35+ years of experience in software engineering, real estate investing, and entrepreneurship.

Bill brings expertise in marketing, automation, and team-building together to create great client partner outcomes.

Virtual Team

Our virtual team is a mixture of real people, refined processes, and our systems and automation.

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