Sharing the Pie

Sharing the Pie

We love a good chocolate pie.

Who makes a great chocolate pie these days? Definitely not us!

Funny thing is, we've got the kitchen, we've got the pots, pans, mixers, and so on.

Probably have most of the ingredients too.

And we make plenty of things besides chocolate pie and people love those things.

But there is still no chocolate pie for us.


We have a friend who comes over sometimes; she brings a small paper bag and we always wonder what's in it!

But we leave her alone for a couple of hours and come back to the BEST chocolate pie!

All she wants is a slice; maybe two if she has a hungry child at home.

If you could taste her pie, you'd know this is a good deal for us.

Do you like chocolate pie?

If we offered to come to your place, bring some ingredients, use our recipe, and quietly bake you a pie, would it be fair if we took a slice or two and left you the rest of the pie?

That's pretty much what we do—except we're talking about a money pie!

We think you probably have a great kitchen and who knows what we can cook up together.

Let's chat over coffee.

All metaphors aside, we invest our time, energy, and funds in fun companies to find and nourish income streams.

We eat after you eat.

Does this sound yummy?

If you're hungry to learn more, let's have a coffee chat, and see what kind of pie we can make in your kitchen.

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Our Chief Boffo combines 35+ years of experience in software engineering, real estate investing, and entrepreneurship.

Bill brings expertise in marketing, automation, and team-building together to create great client-partner outcomes.